Beyond | Schism is a collection of pieces co-curated by HKNME flautist Angus Lee and clarinettist Linus Fung, exploring static and volatile states of beings, from the contemplative yet unsettling,  the stoic yet evocative, the lyrical yet perturbed, to works that pushes the limits of both instruments to their physical limits.

由香港創樂團長笛演奏家李一葦和單簧管演奏家馮逸山策劃,分|離  以一系列的作品探索靜止和易變的精神狀態⋯⋯從沉思但不安、堅忍卻令人回味、抒情而忐忑,到突破兩種樂器的物理極限的作品。


Performers / 演出者

Angus Lee 李一葦, flute 長笛

Linus Fung 馮逸山, clarinet 單簧管

Programme / 節目

Luciano Berio: Lied for solo clarinet                            

Michael Jarrell:  Le point est la source de tout… (Epitome III) for solo flute   

Giacinto Scelsi: Ko-lho for flute & clarinet                                       

Matteo Tundo:  Quisquillia I for solo clarinet                                    

Bruno Mantovani: BUG for solo clarinet                                                    

Thanakarn Schofield:  Schism for solo clarinet                                            

Salvatore Sciarrino: Let me die before I wake for solo clarinet               

George Benjamin: Flight for solo flute                                                 

Matthias Pintscher:  beyond (a system of passing) for solo flute             

Isang Yun: Monolog for solo bass clarinet                          

Toshio Hosokawa:  Kuroda-Bushi for solo alto flute


Co-organised by / 聯合主辦: 

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble 香港創樂團

Sigma Projects 

This event is free of charge

Registration in advance is required



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